General Requirements for Applications for AGDM Online Examination

  • The application should refer to the AGDM Examination Schedule for the said year before filling the application form. [ EXAMINATION SCHEDULE ]
  • Refer to the said examination syllabus to ensure that the eligibility requirements for application are complied with.
No.  Examination Syllabus  Download
1 Department Subject Examination – Assistant Accountant W19  Download
2 Department Subject Examination – Assistant Accountant W29   Download
3 Examination – Insentive Payment For Financial Duties (BITK)  Download
4 Examination – Promotion By Appointment (RCSL)   Download

  • Only eligible applicants and those who genuinely wish to sit for the examination may submit their applications.
  • Applicants should ensure that the information filled is true and complete.
  • The application to sit for an examination and the examination results will on its own BE CANCELLED if the applicant is found with the following reasons:
    1. the applicant submitted a false application; and / or
    2. the applicant is unqualified

Guide to Fill Online Application Form

Steps Action
1 Check the Examination Schedule for the examination that is being sat for.
2 Ensure that the eligibility requirements for application as in the Examination Syllabus is fulfilled.
3 Print the Code Guide to facilitate the process of filling online application forms.
4 Choose the application menu.
5 Click the examination applied for. The examination screen will be displayed.
Note: The link will only function with examination applications that are open.
6 Fill the required information completely and correctly.
Note: Applications will not proceed if information is not complete.
7 Check the accuracy of the information and click the SEND button so that the application is received and information can be kept in the database.
8 You will only be allowed to send one application only for each examination. If the applicant applies for more than one application, therefore the system will display a notification message and application will be cancelled.
10 Choose the Application Receipt Check Menu and enter the identification card number to check the application.
11 Print the Candidate’s Instruction Slip 2 weeks before the date of the examination is scheduled to begin.
12 Please bring this Candidate’s Instruction Slip when present for the examination.