1. Produce new accounting system to improve the quality of financial and accounting services.
  2. Designing and improving financial and accounting system in accordance with the rules , procedures and applicable accounting standards.
  3. To ensure the implementation of the accounting system in line with the timetable set.
  4. Ensure that government agencies use peerakaunan and financial system that complies with the rules , procedures and applicable accounting standards.
  5. Provide technical advice on procedural and financial and accounting system to help the agency make decisions.
  6. Approval of the Financial Accounting System which complies with the rules , procedures and applicable accounting standards.
  7. To advise decision-makers in relevant policy and financial accounting .
  8. Promote knowledge sharing accounting citizens through KM AGD.
  9. Enhancing the competence consulting citizens BKP.


Client Charter

  1. To approve the 80 % application advice and financial accounting system of the public sector in the last two months of receipt of a complete application.
  2. Ensure that the complaints from users related disorders using a system made ​​an acknowledgment within 15 minutes after the complaint is received by the Helpdesk system.



  1. Provide consulting services, development and maintenance of financial and accounting systems to government agencies.
  2. Providing consulting services in the development and approval of financial and accounting system to the Federal Employment Agency.
  3. Establish rules for accounting and finance Federal Government and Government Agencies.
  4. Provide consulting services, development , maintenance of financial systems and accounting agencies as well as technical support.
  5. To provide administrative and financial support to the Division.


Accountant General's Department of Malaysia
Advisory and Consultancy Division
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