What are financial generic courses?

Financial generic courses are courses that are listed as generic courses that are implemented the total number of hours specified.

What are the courses listed as financial generic courses?

  • The courses are:

    No. Course Name Total Hours
    1 Accounting Receipts / Government Revenue 16
    2 Government Payment Accounting 10
    3 Vote Book Maintenance & Adaptation 12
    4 Government Accounting Basis 14
    5 Trust, Deposit & Impress Accounts Accounting 20
    6 Public Account Understanding 14
    7 National Budget System 12
    8 Civil Servants’ Pay, Allowances and Facilities 24
    9 Asset & Store, Loss, Write off and Disposal Management 24
    10 Government Procurement Management 12
    11 Accountability in Financial Management 12

Can departments / agencies continue implementing planned financial courses?

Departments / agencies can implement planned financial courses by submitting applications to IPN using Application Forms to Organize Financial Generic Courses by Ministries / Departments.

If a department / agency organizes a course that consists of only a few financial slots, does it need to obtain permission from IPN?

No, it doesn’t.

What is the procedure for obtaining the service of financial instructors from IPN?

The department / agency may submit an application in accordance with the specified guidelines.

When did the date of centralization of financial courses come into effect?

The date came into effect starting from June 29, 2010 based on the Director General’s Circular of the Public Service with file reference PSD(S)(BPO)215/65 Klt.22(7) dated June 29, 2010.