1. The National Accounting Institute (IPN) is an excellent training center for civil servants in the field of accounting and finance. Apart from organizing accounting and financial courses for civil servants from various departments, IPN is also prepared to help Ministries / Departments / Agencies to identify and provide the services of instructors that are suitable for any accounting and financial in-house-training.

  2. These guidelines are prepared with the aim of assisting the Ministry / Department / Agency course organizer to submit applications for IPN’s instructor services and thereafter conduct the process of appointing suitable officers to fulfill the said application.


  1. The Ministry / Department / Agency organiser that wishes to apply for the IPN’s instructor services will have to comply with the following issues:-


    1. Course Participant: The application for IPN’s instructor services is for in-house-training for the training purposes of officers / staff in that particular Ministry / Department / Agency only. Course participants cannot include those from outside the Ministry / Department / Agency organizer
    2. Lecture Period: Applications for instructor services will be considered only for lecture sessions with a minimum period of four (4) hours a day. The Ministry / Department / Agency organiser has to arrange on its own the instructor service for any lecture session if its period is less than 4 hours a day.
    3. Application Period: All applications must be sent to the Director of IPN latest within one month before the date of the course. Applications received late will not be considered.
    4. Application Approval: The Director of IPN is entitled to approve or reject any applications for instructor services by the Ministry / Department / Agency organiser. The Director of IPN also is entitled to appoint any suitable officer as instructor to fulfill the application by the Ministry / Department / Agency organiser.
    5. Organising Cost: All organising costs for courses by the Ministry / Department / Agency is the responsibility of the said organiser including cost in relation to the speaker such as the speaker’s consolation payment, vehicle travel allowance, accomodation, food and lecture note preparation cost.
    6. Course Information: All applications should be submitted by stating the course information (such as title, number of participants, participant’s designation grade, date, venue) and information on the officer who could be contacted (name, telephone number or e-mail address).

  1. All applications that are duly completed should be addressed to:-

The Director
The National Accounting Institute
Jalan 2, Sg. Lang
45100 Sabak Bernam
No. tel : 03-32172000
No. faks : 03-32172021/2120/2140
Laman web :


  1. These guidelines should be fully complied with by the Ministry / Department / Agency so that the aspiration to enhance the accounting and financial competency of civil servants will be achieved collectively. These guidelines will be updated from time to time where appropriate.