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S : Satisfying the customers

  1. Provide friendly, fast, accurate and integrity services to all customers and stakeholder.
  2. Improve customer service continuously as needed.
  3. Increase competency level in order to provide services that meet customers’ expectations.

P : Professionalism

  1. Enhance knowledge and skills through continuous learning.
  2. Demonstrate a high working spirit.
  3. Enhance work performance to achieve continuous quality.
  4. Be sensitive towards the expansion, progress and change in technology and the accounting profession.
  5. Demonstrate high quality and competent values ​​and behaviors.
  6. Be polite, courteous and highly prudent in all dealings.
  7. Be attired neatly and appropriately to suit to the situation and ambience.

EC : Esprit de Corp

  1. Working together in resolving issues and problems.
  2. Possess a helping attitude in order to achieve the department’s outcomes.
  3. Sharing of information, experience and knowledge.
  4. Appreciate the contributions of ideas from members of the organization.
  5. Respect each other and develop strong ties of friendship.

IA : Integrity and accountability

  1. Adopting an attitude of trust, honest, sincere, adhere to the principle and reliable.
  2. Implement tasks with full responsibility according to the rules specified.
  3. Be responsible for all actions and decision taken.
  4. Be positive and ready to give and receive ideas and feedbacks that are accurate and true.

L : Loyalty

  1. Be loyal to the Department, Government and Country.
  2. Safeguard the department and the accounting profession’s reputation.
  3. Understand, appreciate and obey the Department’s Shared Values.