Planning & Budget Control System Electronic ( ESPKB ) has been developed to meet the needs of financial controls and financial information needs of pilot projects under the Electronic Government applications . Pilot projects intended is :

  • • Electronic procurement ( eProcurement )
  • • Human Resource Management Information System ( HRMIS )
  • • Electronic services ( servants )
  • • ProjekII Monitoring System ( SPP II )

It helps in the process of budgetary control , monitoring of expenditures PTJ and accelerate the process of preparing financial documents . With the eSPKB system interfacing with GFMAS system , the payment of expenses can be accelerated .

Features eSPKB

  • • Preparation of financial documents involves three stages ready, certificate I and II certificate.
  • • Vote book updates and adjustments to accounts electronically including bulk and salary expenses.
  • • Warrant allocation, payment vouchers, collecting statements and journal vouchers submitted online to the accounting office.
  • • Hardcopy financial documents and supporting documents kept at the Faculty. The review and approval of the accounting officer will be conducted electronically.
  • • Payment can be made either via EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) or check.
  • • The records department as a list of bills and vote book not maintained manually but will be automatically generated by the system.
  • • Reports daily, monthly, schedule and preferences can be printed according to the needs and anytime.
  • • Any action taken by the staff in the processing of documents will be recorded automatically in the authentication information.
  • • Creating a document control with regard to financial procedures in force.
  • • Known position of the remaining provisions at any time.
  • • The accuracy of the financial data in the government's account is more secure because the data emanating from eSPKB or other EG applications should not be inputted again by the accounting office.
  • • The use of smart cards in the system of government to tighten financial controls.
  • • Interfacing with Government applications involving payment and accounting can be made.
  • • Financial documents generated / printed through legal system adopted in mengggantikan manual document eg local orders, warrants, air travel, collecting statements, journal vouchers, payment vouchers and so on.

e - Receipts

E - Receipts System was developed to simplify and standardize the process of collection of money the Government at the Centre of Responsibility , also facilitate reconciliation of accounts between the responsibilities of the Accounting Office .

Among the key e - Receipts is to streamline the process of revenue collection and improve management control by entering the cash book cashbook accounting procedures computerized .

Helpdesk e - SPKB

AG provide assistance to users eSPKB throughout Malaysia via Helpdesk gag . Helpdesk gag serve as a source of information as well as a resource for consumers on a variety of issues eSPKB by phone and e-mail.


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