How may one apply for the EG*Net?

Fill in the EG*Net 01 form for a new line application, EG*Net 02 to cancel the line or EG*Net 03 to transfer the line. The form that has been duly completed should be submitted to the Electronic Government Application Project Office (EGAG).

How may one apply for a Smart Card?

Fill in the application for an Electronic Government Smart Card and send it to the Accounting Office (AO). The AO will send the said application to the Electronic Government Project Office (EGAG).

What happens if the Smart Card is lost?

Lodge a police report and attach together with it the application for a new Smart Card.

What happens if one faces problems with the e-SPKB system?

Contact Helpdesk EGAG at 03-88821436, 1356, 1472, 1323 or 1214. Apart from that, users may also e-mail to the address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

How does one make reference to the e-SPKB system?

Refer to the e-SPKB RC User Guide at the EGAG website at the address