Who is eligible to apply for a computer loan?

Public Service Officers serving under permanent status. Staff serving under temporary, contract and part-time status are not eligible for consideration.

What is meant by puchasing / the purchase of computers under computer loan financing?

Purchasing / The purchase of computers means the purchase of computers including its hardware and software or the purchase of hardware and software for the purpose of enhancement the computer at the time of purchase.
This financing amount can be used to purchase new computers which include personal computers, laptops as well as the purchase of printers and scanners.

What are the basic qualifying requirements for an officer to apply for a computer loan?

  1. the monthly installment deduction amount does not exceed 1/3 of basic salary.
  2. the total deduction including deductions for computer financing does not exceed 60% of the total basic salary and monthly allowances.

What is the maximum limit of eligibility for a computer loan?

The maximum financing amount is RM5,000 and will be calculated to a lesser hundreds figure in ringgit.
For example, the price of a computer:-
  1. If RM4,888 – the loan that can be approved is RM4,800.
  2. If RM5,199 – the loan that can be approved is RM5,000.

How long is the allowable period for maksimum repayment?

The allowable period for maximum repayment is 48 months.

Can an officer make a second computer loan application?

Can an officer make a second computer loan application?
Yes, the officer is allowed to make a computer loan once in every three (3) years. The new application can only be approved after three (3) years calculated from the date of the previous approval provided the present loan has been settled. (SPP 10/2009 effective from 1 January 2010)

What action should be taken to avoid over-deduction of the borrower’s salary when the computer loan period has lapsed?

The borrower must submit the balance inquiry application through the borrower’s department for the termination of deduction to JMS (a) / BPOPA (b) (whichever applicable). It is advised that he/ she submits the balance inquiry 3 months before the period lapses. This will enable the borrower’s department to make timely salary changes.

  1. Self Accounting Department (JMC) consists of the following Departments / Ministries:

    Prime Minister’s Department
    Ministry of Defence
    Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-based Industry
    Ministry of Education
    Ministry of Health
    Ministry of Interior
    Ministry of Information, Communication, Arts and Culture
    Ministry of Transport
    Ministry of Higher Learning

  2. Central Operation and Agency Services Department (BPOPA) at the Accountant General’s Department for Departments / Ministries not under JMS.

What is the procedure for making early settlement for the vehicle loan balance?

1. Obtain confirmation of the loan balance through the balance inquiry process for the lumpsum settlement / termination of deduction either through:-
  1. Letter; The borrower has to fill a letter format of balance inquiry and send it to JMS / BPOPA (whichever applicable) through the borrower’s department. Feedback to this balance inquiry will be submitted to the Head Office of the borrower’s department. 


  2. Online services. Vehicle loan information, at the official website www.anm.gov.my where the borrower can key in details of personal loans. No need to go through Head Office of borrower’s department. However, feedback on this balance inquiry will be submitted through the Head Office of the borrower’s department.

2. Subsequently the borrower will need to make payment based on the verified balance and comply with the specified date period by cash / bank draft payable to “the Accountant General of Malaysia”, through the Financial Divison of the borrower’s department.