What are the conditions for confirmation of appointment?

The conditions for confirmation of appointment as stated in the offer letter which includes:
  1. Letter of appointment acceptance (Form 6A);
  2. Declaration Letter (Form 6B)
  3. Copy of Declaration letter (For appointment after 1.1.2003)
  4. Doctor’s Declaration Letter
  5. Financial Change (perubahan) Statement 8 (Financial 8); and;
  6. Safety Censorship (Tapisan Keselamatan) for group designation (yang diisyaratkan).

How and when can civil servants get confirmed in the service?

A civil servant would qualify for confirmation in the service after he / she has:
  1. Successfully undergone probation period (original probation or extended) successfully
  2. Successfully attended the Induction Course;
  3. Pass the specified Examination;
  4. Obtained the support of the Head of Department.
Confirmation can be declared (diperakui) within the probation period from 1 to 3 years and if it is extended the confirmation is on the passing date of the examination or one day after successfully attending the Induction Course.

What documents should be attached for the purpose of Confirmation in Service and the Granting of Pensionable status?

  1. Application letter to be declared in the Confirmation In Service and Granting of Pensionalbe Status.
  2. Option Form to choose whether the pension scheme or KWSP scheme is in line with Provision 6A(1) of the Pension Act 1980 (Amendment)
  3. Declaration letter of job confirmation – statement about the examination (if applicable)
  4. Declaration letter of job confirmation (General Order 36 Chapter A) and Declaration of Granting of Pensionable Status
  5. Service Statement that has been updated
  6. Copy of Letter of Job Offer
  7. Copy of Confirmation Letter of appointment and Specific Induction Course
  8. Copy of exaination results (if applicable)
  9. Copy of letter of extension of probationary period (if extended).

When should a particular Public Service Officer declare his / her assets?

  1. All new appointments
  2. Once in 5 years (except for Head of Department once in 3 years)
  3. Obtained new assets
  4. Lupus harta
  5. About to retire
  6. At any time as required by the Government .

What is the procedure for transfer applications of accounting staff?

Submit to the Accounting and Management Development Division the following documents:-
  1. Application form for transfer of Accounting Staff or application letter for officer’s transfer supported by the Head of Department.
  2. Other supporting documents as follows:
    • Copy of Marriage Certificate (if applicable)
    • Copy of Employer’s Confirmation Letter (for the couple)
    • Copy of children’s birth certificate (if applicable)
    • Copy of Health Officer’s Confirmation (if applicable).

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