What should be done by the ministry / department to guarantee the successful implementation of the Micro Accounting System?

The Ministry / Department will need to contact the Management Accounting Unit, Consultant Service Section of the Accountant General’s Department to conduct a briefing for the purpose of enabling the staff / management to understand the uses of the SPM. Workshops should be conducted to enable those staff involved to use the package that is developed and to benefit from the reports issued.

Advisory services / follow-up actions on the implementation of the SPM is conducted smoothly. To guarantee the successful implementation of the SPM, the ministry will need to take the following action:

  1. establish the SPM Steering Committee or other related committees to monitor its implementation led by the Head of the Agency.
  2. appoint the Head of Facilitator who can ensure the successful implementation of the SPM.
  3. appoint a Task Force that has the enthusiasm and determination to make the SPM a success. This team will be given sufficient guidance to enable them to carry out their duties effectively.