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Langkah 1:
  1. Muat turun install Microsoft.NET framework terlebih dahulu jika anda tidak menggunakan Windows 2003 atau versi Windows XP yang terkini.
  2. Cara yang paling mudah adalah dengan Windows Update atau lawati Microsoft How to Get the .NET Framework 1.1.

 Langkah 2:

  1. Muat turun RssReader berikut: atau rssreader.exe

 Langkah 3:

  1. Install RssReader.
  2. Jika anda muat turun versi .zip unzip fail tersebut terlebih dahulu dan run setup.exe.
  3. Terus run jika anda muat turun versi .exe.

 Langkah 4:

  1. Letakkan mouse di atas salah satu pautan Lihat Sepenuhnya di bawah kemudian klik kanan, dan pilih "Copy Shortcut". Run RssReader dan pergi ke "add (+)" seterusnya klik kanan dan "paste" url dan tekan ok.

 Untuk maklumat selanjutnya, sila layari

What is RSS?

RSS or RDF Site Summary is a XML (Extensible Markup Language) application based on the W3Schools specification. RSS is a format for syndicating news that is used as an agent to retrieve information and data online from websites that supports this application.

What is RssReader?

RssReader is a programme that enables users to receive news or information from web sites that supports RSS application. For further information, go to

RSS at MAMPU Portal

The RSS facility is provided for MAMPU Portal users to get the latest information on MAMPU. Through this application, it is hoped that information from MAMPU Portal will be channeled more quickly and effectively. Other advantages of RSS Feed:

  1. Customisation of news feed according to user's needs and preference
  2. Reliable information (secure from unwanted information such as spam)
  3. Fast and effective distribution of information
  4. Allows the latest news and information to be displayed without having to go to the Portal
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  1. The contribution and spreading of information that is forbidden as well as negative materials that are in contradiction with national policies are forbidden.
  2. The spreading of information that is seditious or that has political or racial overtones or anything that would be detrimental to the reputation of the Ministries and Public Services is forbidden.
  3. Visitors who wish to use facilities such as forums are required to register as a safety measure to prevent any untoward incidents from happening.
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  5. Visitors are fully responsible for any information keyed in.
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All deliveries of personal datas will be protected and kept by using compatible security technology.

Datas Collected
No personal information will be collected as visitors surf except for the information that is submitted by visitors via e-mail or registration at the part that is protected within this website. This information will probably be shared together with other agencies of the Ministry of Finance to assist in the preparation of more effective services. For example, in resolving inquiries or complaints that require feedbacks from other agencies.

Although has links with websites of agencies under the Ministry of Finance as well as other agencies, this privacy policy can only be used for this website only. Visitors are advised to study and understand the privacy policy of each website of other agencies that is being surfed.

Log File
For the purpose of enhancing the level of security and efficiency of the website of the Accountant General’s Department of Malaysia, general information of visitors such as browser type, name of domain, country and other information will be used for the collection and analysis of demography information and pages often visited by customers. However this does not involve individual privacy.

Presently, cookies are not being used. However, they may be used in the future.

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