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FAQs Approval & Licence Renewal of Auditor / Company Liquidator
  • What are the requirements to become an approved company auditor?

    The applicant to become as a Company Auditor shall fulfil the following conditions:

    1. registered as a Chartered Accountant with MIA;
    2. a citizen or resident in Malaysia;
    3. not an undischarged bankrupt either within or outside Malaysia;
    4. within the five (5) years before the submission, has not been convicted of any offence, involving fraud or dishonesty punishable on conviction with imprisonment for three (3) months or more, whether within or outside Malaysia;
    5. has not been refused membership or suspended from membership of any recognised associations of accountants;
    6. does not have any pending enforcement or legal action against the applicant under the Companies Commission of Malaysia Act 2001 (“CCM Act 2001”) or any provision of the Act or law specified in the First Schedule to the CCM Act 2001;
    7. has a valid Practising Certificate from MIA;
    8. first-time application is required to attend the Public Practice Program organized by MIA and the certificate of attendance shall not expired during the submission;
    9. has at least six (6) years of accumulative working experience, on full time basis at the time of submission, which can be before and after becoming a MIA member, namely:
      1. at least three (3) years post MIA membership or minimum of two (2) years post MIA membership for those previously working abroad for at least a year;
      2. has at least five (5) years audit experience where two (2) recent years of audit experience shall be in the Malaysian environment;
      3. has fulfil a minimum of 7,500 hours of audit and 40 audit engagements within the immediate past five (5) years prior to submission; and
      4. has served at least 1,800 hours as an Audit Supervisor. (Audit supervisor means having a managerial role involved in overseeing, managing and controlling audit engagements including audit planning and preparing audit reports).
  • How long is the waiting period for a particular candidate before being called for an interview?

    Expected timeframe to be interviewed is within 1 month to 4 months. Early arrangement subject to availability.

  • Who are the interview panels and what are the aspects that are tested during the interview session?

    The interview panel for Company Auditors consists of:

    1. Representative from Accountant General Department (AGD) – Chairman
    2. Representative from Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM)
    3. Representative from Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA)
    4. Representative from Securities Commission of Malaysia (SC)
    5. Representative from Central Bank of Malaysia (BNM)

    Scope of interview:

    • MIA By–Laws, Accountants Act 1967
    • Companies Act 2016, Interest Schemes Act 2016, Capital Markets and Services Act 2007, Financial Services Act 2013, Islamic Financial Services Act 2013
    • auditing and financial reporting standards
    • corporate governance
    • rules and policies published by regulatory bodies
  • What actions should be taken if a candidate gets through the interview?

    A candidate is required to take following action:-

    1. Submit company auditor approval payment of RM500.00/- via BLESS e-payment module
    2. Submit a copy of the company auditor’s firm registration in accordance with subsection 265 (1), Companies Act 2016 or a copy of the return submission under subsection 265(4) of the Companies Act 2016 for admission of new partners that has been certified by the Companies Commission of Malaysia before being granted the Certificate of Approved Company Auditor.
  • What are the procedures to apply as an approved Company Auditors?

    Applicants must do the following:

    1. Register as an individual in BLESS System through
    2. Submit the application for audit approval through BLESS
    3. Upload all relevant certificates as well as valid Practising Certificate
    4. Upload a sponsor letter from an accountant holding a valid audit license
    5. Pay RM500 via the e-payment module upon passed the interview session
  • What are the procedures for renewal of Company Auditors approval?

    Applicants must do the following:

    1. Register as an individual in BLESS System through
    2. Proceed to submit the application for audit approval through BLESS
    3. Upload Statutory Declaration Form signed by a Commissioner of Oaths
    4. Upload softcopy receipt for the current annual subscription paid to MIA
    5. Upload softcopy receipt for the latest Practising Certificate renewal fees paid to MIA
    6. Pay RM500 via the e-payment module
  • When the renewal application for Company Auditors approval should be submitted?

    Application must be submitted through BLESS within three (3) months prior to expiry date.

  • What actions should be taken if the Company Auditor’s approval period has lapsed?
    1. During the non-renewal approval period, the auditor shall not act as an auditor and shall not sign any audit report.
    2. In the event the renewal application is submitted after the expiry date of the previous approval period, the new approval period will not continue. The new approval date shall be based on the date the renewal approval is granted.
    3. In the event the renewal application fails to be submitted within a year after the expiry date of the previous approval period, the applicant shall submit a fresh application as a company auditor and shall undergo a new interview session.

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